Infoshop Update

Bill Hicks Resurrection Laboratory, Houston, TX

The Bill Hicks Resurrection Laboratory is a Do-it-yourself (DIY) collective warehouse space. They have a community garden, Food Not Bombs kitchen, woodshop, metal working, craft area, screenprinting, sewing stuff, lending library, zine center and public internet access. They also have an event space for musicians and activists. Check them out: 2915 Delafield, Houson, TX 77023, 719-921-1924.

Free Mind Media – Santa Rosa, Calif.

After more than 2 years of meetings, dreaming, planning and fundraising, they’re open at last! They have garden space, internet access and tons of Books, Zines and Info to Distro. They’re having a huge May Day Grand Opening and Art Show. 546 Pacific Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95404, 707-579-1605.

Asheville Community Resource Center

After being shut down by its landlord a year ago as part of a gentrification agenda to “clean up” Asheville, the ACRC is open again Wednesday through Sunday, 12-6pm in a different location. It features a reading room, lending library, and collective movie theater. The space also hosts numerous organizations: the Prison Books Program, the Bountiful Cities Project which works to help neighborhoods in Asheville develop their own urban gardens, Katuah Earth First!, the Asheville Doula Collective which offers prenatal, birth and post-partum support to pregnant women, Tranzmission, a coalition of transgendered people and allies and Food Not Bombs. They describe themselves as a “non-hierarchical coalition of groups and individuals working together to sustain a space for the promotion of social change.” They’re now at 16 Carolina Lane, Asheville, NC 28801, (828)252-8999

Blitz – Oslo, Norway

Lisa reports that, “Blitz is a squatted building that has been occupied since the 1980’s. It is huge!! Inside, besides apartments, it has a vegetarian/vegan cafe, a performance space (where they have punk shows 1-2 times a week), a gallery space, and a small movie theater where they show independent films.” They’re at Pilestredet 30c, 0164 Oslo, Norway, Phone 22 112349.

More Info?

We just got the address for The Radish at 3137 S Dayton, Springfield, MO 65807 – anyone have any additional info?

Corrections to the 2005 Organizer

– The listing for Black Star Books in New Zealand is wrong. The correct info is P.O Box 812, Dunedin, New Zealand,, street address 24 Stafford Street, Dunedin, Aotearoa. They write “everyone should come visit us!”

– Atlas Bower books in Providence, RI is gone.

– Uprisings Infoshop in Toronto is at 6A Kensington Ave., and can be reached at 416-580-RIOT.