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Organizer update

We still have some leftover copies of the small 2005 version of the organizer. Because we printed too many, we’re having a sale on the small size: just $1.50 each wholesale. You have to order at least 20 copies to get this price. If you want less than 20 copies, you’ll have to order from a retail mail order distro — check our website for a list. We also have a few copies of the spiral bound organizer available for $9 each (including postage) or $5 each if you order at least 6.

If you bought a 2005 Organizer from anyone — Infoshop, mail order, whatever — you can get a free one-year mail subscription to Slingshot newspaper — send us an email, postcard, etc. with your mailing address. This offer is good within the USA only.

If you have ideas, graphics, historical dates, etc. for the 2006 version — due out October 1, 2005 — send them to us by July 1 or sooner. We’re always looking for more listings for our radical contact list, so if you know of one in your area that isn’t listed, please send it. Contacts have to have a physical address and usually a phone number. We’ll put it together in August — if you’re in the Bay Area in August and want to help out, let us know.

A note about historical dates: we have a database of 10-50 events for each day of the year. Since we only print 3-4 historical dates per day, that means that many, many important historical events don’t appear in any particular edition of the organizer. If a date didn’t appear in 2005, it may have appeared in 2003 or maybe it will in 2006. So if you want to suggest historical dates, keep in mind that if it is a fairly obvious one, we almost surely already have it – its failure to appear in 2005 doesn’t mean we don’t care about that date – it just means that we don’t want to print the same exact events year after year (boring!)

Slingshot seeks 2006 Organizer interns

The Slingshot collective is looking for a person or persons to help distribute the 2006 Slingshot Organizer — the distro is a massive job that has gotten beyond our small collective’s abilities the past few years. This is not paid — we’re an all volunteer collective. For distro, we’re looking for help any time between September 15 and December 15. Keeping up with orders can take 8-20 hours a week during that time so you would have time for paid work or you could volunteer with other projects around town. We may be able to help you find housing. If you’re interested in creating the organizer, we can use help there too but during a much shorter window — an intense week in mid-late August – we’ll know more specific dates in late June or July.

We’re using the magic word “intern” because that has gotten a lot of response the past few years, but what we’re really looking for is someone to join the collective (temporarily or forever) and be our equal by sharing decision making and work with other folks in the collective. We are not bosses and we’re not looking for an employee or slave. The folks already in the collective do as much shipping as we can — we just don’t have time to keep up with all of it. In addition to doing Organizer shipping stuff, the collective will be publishing the paper during the fall, which means you’ll be in on meetings, editing, writing, art, etc.

This is a great opportunity for someone to learn about a collective publishing project. Please contact us if you are interested:

Slingshot collective

3124 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705

510 540-0751 ex. 3,

Slingshot Back Issue Project

Have you ever wanted to read back issues of Slingshot? If you have, we’re cleaning out our office and have a special deal on back issues. We’ll send you packages of mixed back issues for the cost of postage: 2 lbs for $2 or 5 lbs for $3. If you’re a library or infoshop, we’ll send them free!

If you want 2 lbs., let us know if you want “older” or “more recent.” 5 lbs. gets you a copy of most of our back issues. If you want specific issue #s, please let us know.

Send a postcard or a check or well concealed cash to “Slingshot” :

Slingshot Collective

3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705