NarcoDollars and the Drug War

The New and Improved Bush Drug War Now that George W. Bush and the Crypto Nazi Right have their non-congressionally declared “War on Terrorism) in high gear, it is time to reflect thoughtfully on yet another of these republican presidents’ declared wars: the war on drugs, declared 30 years ago by Tricky Dick Nixon. The fact that according to the trashed US Constitution, Article I, Section 8, only Congress can declare war, has been usurped and rendered meaningless, the US constitution destroyed in order to safe it, as the Republican mantra goes. When do these republican presidents’ declared wars end?

Since George W. Bush is also leading the Nixon-called War on Drugs, after the on-going 30 years of war, it is time to take account of the real purpose of the real purpose of these republican presidents’ undeclared wars-excluding bush’s much alleged drug use in his younger years. The illegal drug business lies at the heart of a great paradox. The narcotics cartels are by far the most successful enterprises in the international market.

Mexico’s cartels alone yield an estimated $30 billion to $50 billion a year in hard currency from the U.S., dwarfing earnings from the export of oil and automotive assembly parts. This is one of the few major businesses whose ownership and management is almost completely Hispanic, and CIA blessed, and the cartels owe their home-grown success to the United States and Republican Presidents. In the first place, because the US provides and enormous and inexhaustible market for their pharmaceutical products. The sub rosa purpose of republican presidents’ declared “drug wars” is to protect criminal cartels.

Were narcotics legalized, tobacco and liquor companies, the legal purveyors of addictive chemicals, would rush in with lower prices and world-wide marketing and distribution, and the cartels would be out of business almost overnight. George W. Bush is the best friend illegal drug cartels have.

The sober truth is that the economics and economies of Mexico and Columbia would go into convulsions without the infusion of narcodollars, which are as important to them as petrodollars are to the Arabs. Both countries – and others too – are addicted to narcodollars. The unpleasant truth is that the addiction is reciprocal. Just as Mexico and Columbia are hooked on narcodollars, the US is hooked on narcotics. Both are signs of the failure of community and republican presidents’ protection racket, a free service to drug cartels, aided and abetted by the CIA.

Surreptitiously protected by Bush and the CIS, under the false flag of a war on drugs, Mexico and Columbia have long been engaging in a form of internal market consolidation. Occasionally the two governments – and America- nab a kingpin, portraying the move as a great coup on the war on drugs, while clearing the way for better connected traffickers to take over their markets.

Freed from excessive competition, the cartels become more profitable. That boosts the economy as a whole, as narcodollars reap multiplier effects in banking and tourism, priming the economic pump.

All of which brings greater tax revenue to the government. First, because laundered drug profits make their way into the formal economy, where they are taxed like any other income. Second, because the cartels that win the bidding war pay a substantial hidden tax to the government in bribes and payoffs that supplement the salaries of officials, including the police and the military.

Countries that want no part of this flim-flam sham drug war game – such as Cuba and Venezuela – knowing it is a protection racket for drug cartels, not so mysteriously find themselves the subject of destabilizing acts from the US/CIA/pimps/proxies/puppets, and at the top of the bush administrations doo-doo list.

Sometimes you must turn a product upside down to read the label. If you turn the war on drugs upside down, you can readily see what’s going on, and the exact same is true of other republican presidents’ declared wars: such as the war on terrorism, war on crime, ad nauseum. It’s a pattern. A modus operandi. Based on part of Abe Lincoln’s dictum: you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time. Robert J. Zani No. 328938 Michael Unit PO Box 4500 Tennessee Colony, TX 75886