Help design the 2009 organizer

Thanks to everyone who bought a 2008 Slingshot Organizer — they pay for this paper to be free all over the place. A few distros still have copies left. We’re about to start working on the 2009 Organizer which will be available October 1, 2008. Contact us now if you want to help create the 2009 organizer — there are many ways to plug in.

• We need help editing, correcting and improving the list of historical dates. Deadline for finishing: July 1.

• If you want to design a section of the calendar, let us know by July 1 or send random art for the calendar by July 1. Deadline to finish calendar pages: August 1.

• Send us cover art ideas or drawings by August 1.

• We’re always on the lookout for corrections / additions to our radical contact list. Deadline: August 1.

• If you have ideas for the short features we publish in the back, let us know — we print different features every year. Deadline: August 1.

• If you’re in the Bay Area during the first two weeks of August you can help with the final organizer design — all done by hand, which is extra fun. Contact us. We especially need to find some really careful proofreaders in mid-August.

In an unfortunate note, we received a box of defective organizers from the binder — the pages pop right out when you open the organizer. It appears most of them were sent to Chicago, Seattle and Cambodia. If you got one, please let us know and we’ll send you a replacement. We feel really terrible about the problem.

Distribution window

Once the organizer is finished, our unpaid, all volunteer collective gets overwhelmed by packing and shipping work. To save our sanity, we’re only going to deal with the wholesale distribution of the organizer from September 11 – Halloween. We strongly encourage infoshops, stores, etc. to contact us during that window to order the organizer — you’ll get a better wholesale price that way and we’ll get a better deal, too. After Halloween, folks can get wholesale copies of the organizer from for-profit distributors.