2015 Organizer introduction

Active resistance to the death culture of eco-destruction, sweat shops and cultural homogenization is alive and growing. The communities who create and use this organizer are diverse, but we’re united by our inability to fit in with a world organized around injustice, power and greed. A key response to the oppressive corporate system revolves around building alternatives based on freedom, cooperation, beauty, pleasure and love. When faced with endless concrete, we build gardens. When the system builds malls and TV, we share what we have and start our own band. We’re trading their career path for skill shares and self-knowledge built around meditation and psychedelic drugs. And if the corporations persist with poisoning the air and water to make a quick buck, we’ll throw a monkey wrench into the works or climb over their fences and seize the fucking factory.

This organizer comes to you straight from the underground. The historical events you’ll find here illustrate the huge number of ways our resistance expresses itself — reaching into every aspect of what it means to be human from organization to work to personal life to our relationship with the earth to sexuality, technology, art, psychology . . . Many people are working on their own little corner of reality to come up with a response to the unsustainable oppressive monster. It’s time to pull together and synthesize what we’ve all been working on into something even more irresistible.

The organizer created collectively — a power sharing alternative to the hierarchical structures that surround us. Operating collectively is messy and complex and the fact that we end up producing a functional calendar at the end of it is kind of hilarious. It’s messy because it’s alive. We hope the organizer helps people access other pockets of resistance. We are glad to have you with us.

This is the 21st time we’ve amused ourselves by publishing the Slingshot organizer. Its sale raises funds to publish the quarterly, radical, independent Slingshot Newspaper. We try to distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the US. Let us know if you can be a local newspaper distributor in your area. Thanks to the volunteers who created this year’s organizer: Aaron, Alex, Ali, Angie, Ara, Ari, Audrey, Aya, Bill, Claudia, Cody, DA, Eggplant, enola, Fil, Finn, Gina, Heather, Isabelle, Jasmin, Jesse, Jett, Joey, J-tronn, Kathleen, Kathy, Katiri, Kermit, Korvin, Lew, Lindsey, Liz, Marlene, Mario, Melody, Nat, Nausicaa, Nick, Solomon, Sophia, Soren, Susan, Vanessa, Zoe and those we forgot.


Slingshot Collective

A Project of Long Haul

Physical office: 3124 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA 94705

Mail: PO box 3051, Berkeley, CA 94703

510-540-0751 ex. 3 • http://slingshot.tao.ca • slingshot@tao.ca • @slingshotnews


Printed in Berkeley, CA on recycled paper




All volunteer collective – no bosses, no workers, no pay.