2- Getting in the Way: Mattole forest defense continues

By E.E.Z.

Out on the verdant slopes of Rainbow Ridge in Northern California, forest defenders have been keeping busy doing what we do best – getting in the way. Our nemesis, Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC), is trying to plunder yet another tributary of the beloved Mattole river under the guise of “sustainable” logging. (Read about past resistance in Slingshot #130).

In November 2019 we slowed work down, blocking roads, putting our bodies in the way and documenting the devastating reality of an active logging site. HRC called in their own security goons, plus their buddies – Humboldt County sheriffs, private militarized security, and State Parks cops – to try to maintain business as usual. Some of us got arrested, spent time in jail, and are facing a slew of misdemeanors (stay tuned for our trials this spring, which should be lively). We delayed work up until wet weather ended the logging season, but this area will be under threat as soon as spring comes, and we’ll be fighting for it.

We know that Rainbow is a microcosm for what is happening all over the world, as people who love and depend on the land struggle against corporate, extractive industry. Greenwashed marketing, which HRC uses extensively, is more and more prevalent as corporations try to appeal to growing public consciousness around climate chaos and the sixth mass extinction. It is imperative that we resist these narratives as we call for true sustainable solutions.

Do you hate cops and billionaires? Love massive oak and fir trees, tiny endangered orchids, arboreal rodents, and cold, salmon bearing streams? Join us in defense of these creatures and their global relevance in this age of habitat fragmentation.

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