1a – Fear Not

Courage is just as contagious as fear

The system wants you to be afraid, and that fear is bad for your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. We need to be able to talk about fear, because it is a major force driving history in a myriad of important ways. Fear is a primal human emotion and one can’t develop an understanding of individual or group psychology without meditating deeply upon how fear influences human behavior. 

If people start thinking and talking more about fear, many people will realize that there are strategies that people can employ to disarm their fear, or to work with it in a better way. People will become freer when they are honest with themselves, and fear is one of main things that people lie to themselves about. Truth is the source of wisdom, and wisdom is the source of true strength. Strength is what we need if we’re going to be able to mount an effective resistance against the insane debacle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Courage is just as contagious as fear, and once we free ourselves from the grips of fear-consciousness, we can become the virus of revolutionary spirit spreading throughout the population and incinerating the deceitful lies of Babylon in the furnace of Eternal Love that is always present in every moment, available always to those who simply reach out, or reach in, rather, for the truth within you, for the truth that you carry inside, that you brought with you into the world, because it is the essence of who you are. 

Reality is an illusion, and our lives are the sparkling of the moonlight upon dark water at night, appearing and disappearing in an instant, to be replaced with others in a dance that has occurred since time immemorial. Many flames have been extinguished, but as surely as the sun will rise again tomorrow, the fire will be rekindled, for so long as human beings live and breathe some of us will desire to be free. No doubt this is the reason our rulers wish to replace us with machines.

But have no fear. Evil has not triumphed, nor will evil triumph. Evil is an imbalance within the cosmic organism that we are all a part of. The universe will resolve the imbalance in the same way in which your body will repair damaged cells, that is to say as a matter of course, automatically and without conscious intent. In this sense, there is no crisis. We are not as important as we think we are, in the grand scheme of things. The wheel is going to keep turning. What we are really suffering from is a spiritual crisis, and a large part of the problem is simply a lack of appreciation of the beauty of everything. If we truly understood nature as beautiful, as magnificent and as wondrous as it is, we would neither desire to control and dominate it nor be so foolish as to think that we were capable of doing such a thing. We would revere it.  We badly need to reinterpret the bad dream that our culture is currently living.

If you only remember one thing from this, remember this: no one is in control. Not the World Economic Forum, not the Pentagon, not the Chinese Communist Party or the Illuminati or whatever. The world is a chaos and the Gods will never cease rolling the dice. Right now there are major changes taking place in the world, but don’t think for a second that the future is written. They might want you to think it is, but it’s not. It’s anyone’s guess what the future holds. And we must realize that we have agency in the matter, that our actions shape reality. If you choose compliance with increasingly insane authoritarianism, that’s your bed to lie in, and you deserve what happens to you. If you choose non-compliance, you might burn some bridges with some people, but outside the walls of the prison that you call Safety, there are wild parties taking place: people are living their lives, dancing, making music, making love, sharing food, getting high and passionately pursuing their dreams and searching for the meaning hidden in the dancing of the sparkling moonlight on still water at night. 

Fear not. The world is yours, a would-be lover, ready and willing, only waiting for you to make your move. It is not important what you do, only that what you do is in accordance with the yearning of your soul for its destiny.