Zine Reviews!

Read all about it. People are still making revolution on paper. Send money if you want their work, or make something and offer to trade them. Most of these zines we reviewed in the past. If you make something send it to us. Also received was new issues of Dwelling Portably, Muchacha and Razor Cake. All of them worth your time. (eggplant)

The Stowaways Summer 2014

5082 Wendover Rd. Yorba Linda CA 92886

A chronicle of the punk scene with emphasis on people activated by the DIY side of it. It has up till now been covering the dispersed LA area. In this issue the editor has relocated to the Humboldt area of Northern California – and surprise surprise, there is a healthy and vibrant scene to be found there. The amount of shows each issue records is impressive. A bit more elaboration on the bands’ sound and message could further the cause here. Also what makes this kind of journalism alive is vivid descriptions of the characters that populate the shows-which Stowaways could use more of. The zine is starting to look sharper since its early issues with large photos to spark the imagination. Also to keep you seated is interviews and reviews all of it done with care.

Mission Mini-Comix “What is Net Neutrality?” minicomix@gmail.com

This may be one of their most wide reaching endeavors committed to paper since these wanton artists from S.F. are currently at siege by high tech yuppies. The fight to keep the internet from being a two-tiered system is an issue that could bridge the gap. Every issue is a group effort, making for inconsistent artistic styles. The narrative seems like one voice, though, and the zine is so short there’s no time to linger in disorientation. The evolution of the Mission Mini crew has see them move from the gutter and shock tactics of their early issues to a present course of activism. At least their politics retain a bit of their gutter sensibilities. I had dreamed in the past to have anarchist type Chick Tracts corrupt the schools and the empty seats on mass transit…this is the closest we got.

Hug it Out #1

ppd: $2 US, $3 Canada/Mexico, $4 World

PO Box 73691 Washington DC 20056

“WHAT THE FUCK?” was my first thought. “Wrestling??” Then peering into how it is made by the editor of the magazine Give Me Back who is also a very accomplished photo journalist only furthered the question mark above my head. Still a competent documentation of a subculture–one I hadn’t taken seriously since I saw They Live. The writing is solid and the pages are laid out with care and style. This is an example of a fanzine being a little too excited about a cultural phenomenon over a facet of life often overlooked. As it should the excitement of wrestling in here is palpable.

Peops #8.9

PO Box 1013 Cooper Stn NY, NYC 100276 killerbanshee.com

Art and treasure hunting by the squatter punk Fly. She has the ability to unearth the most unique and brave people and get them to share a bit of their life story. Each page is a portrait with a brief bio to whet your interest. The portraits highlight punk, squatting, the lower East Side of NY and other facets of the counter culture. Essentially people who are making reality as opposed to being head locked by it. Like Peter Cramer of ABC No Rio & Aline Kominsky the underground comix artist. Fly’s handiwork is controlled and manages to get an accurate likeness of the lunatic fringe in repose. This was a quick issue giving us peops a peek at issue 9 that will be out soon. Really there’s enough here to keep you busy meeting some new faces. Who needs loud parties?

New Hearts New Bones

1037 South Broad St. Apt. D

Lancaster, OH 43130

Each issue is a visual journey of collages. The work is starting to depict a personal reflection of current events & issues. The imagery is quite striking as it tackles factory farming, corporate media, persecution of whistle blowers, environmental destruction, drones, the seedy side of sports . I wish more people cared about the state of the world and did something–even something as simple as cutting up pictures. But beyond just regurgitating politics a real sense of mood and dream state is being created. Sometimes the pages here are hampered by the shitty copy machine used to duplicate them. The originals are often posted on the We Make Zines website. There the true splendor of the art jumps out to shake you.

EASTWEST An Anarchist Newspaper Free eastwest@riseup.net

The record of street smart resistance. The perspective here clarifies the impetus behind riots and broken windows. The news your mainstream media is getting wrong or misrepresenting; Ferguson, Israel’s slaughter of people in Gazat, fighting tar sands oil in Richmond and the final solution of turning West Oakland into an eyesore of rich lofts for the unconscionable drones. In many ways it reminded me of recently defunct publications Modesto Anarcho and Fireworks. It has a similar tone of bold antagonism and spunk. Really there should be 3 of these in every town.