when T&*@p comes . . . anywhere

Slingshot got this call to action from comrades in Ottawa, Canada, but of course it applies . . . everwhere!

At some point after his inauguration on January 20th, 2017, US President Donald T***p will visit Canada, and very likely Ottawa. The Donald Trump UnWelcoming Committee invites you to join the organizing to resist Trump’s inevitable visit in 2017!

While the exact details of Trump’s visit are unknown, we’re not waiting for specifics. In solidarity with the massive and continuing anti-Trump protests across the United States, we aim to resist his racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, and far-right politics. We resist deportations and Muslim bans, call for open borders and cross-border alliances, and support peoples’ struggles, from the water defenders at Standing Rock to the Black Lives Matter movement.

We don’t put much stock in politicians or political parties — the only way we can build a truly better world is through creating and supporting the collective power of grassroots networks and movements. To that end, we are calling for large-scale, decentralized actions to take place when Trump visits Canada. We aim to create spaces for people to act and demonstrate with fewer relative risks, but we also support spaces where people can actively confront and disrupt any meetings.

Visit: trumpunwelcoming.org