Prisoner Support Group Wins Early Release for eric mcdavid

Eric McDavid is an anarchist and environmental activist who was entrapped by an undercover agent provocateur on conspiracy charges for an alleged “eco-arson” action that never took place. He was sentenced in 2008 to almost 20 years in prison — one of the harshest “green scare” prison terms out of a series of eco-activists targeted by the government as “eco-terrorists”. Despite the government’s alarmist rhetoric, no human was ever injured in any US environmental direct action. Slingshot issue #95 published an extensive summary of the outrageous entrapment in Eric’s case.

By Eric McDavid

It’s so beautiful to write this to you from out here! For a quick recap, I’m recently out of Federal prison after nine years. I was arrested in January of 2006 after being entrapped by a government informant. I was sentenced to 235 months (19 years and 7 months) after being found guilty at trial of conspiracy to damage or destroy property by fire or explosive. I was released this past January, 2015 because of the continuous and amazing support from Sacramento Prisoner Support (SPS) and their concerted efforts with attorneys Mark Vermeulen and Ben Rosenfeld. SPS was able to obtain thousands of documents through a Freedom of Information Act request that had been withheld during my trial. A number of the withheld documents would have heavily bolstered my entrapment defense during trial such as the love letters between me and the government’s informant that the U.S. Attorney during my trial claimed never existed. All of this new evidence formed the basis for a habeas corpus petition and ended up leveraging the government into giving me a time served deal for general conspiracy. This resulted in my immediate release.

The amount of support I received while I was on the inside has transitioned seamlessly to the outside and continues to leave me breathless. The aid I’ve received from the instant of my release — from letters sent to the SPS PO Box, vegan sausages, emails, cash, a backpack and water bottle, stamps, an event at the Station 40 space in San Francisco, and continued donations via my ‘youcaring’ fundraiser — make me perpetually grateful and nourished by the over flowing tangibility of community created by so many people both near and far. At the moment I’m having to dance with supervised released (probation), school, and all that comes with having to dance with the institutions that form society . My experience of your continued aid and support is a resounding sign that our communities know how to support each other through difficult and challenging times. Please don’t forget those of us that are still inside prison and kept from all they love. Create a moment or two to say hello and remind them that they are missed and loved.

Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. 2Muchlove. Find your joy.

Remember! Support for prisoners never ends when they walk out the prison door. Eric continues to need your love and support. For monetary support, visit: For more information on Eric, his case, or how to stay in touch with him now that he has been release, please visit: