Organizer update

Thanks if you purchased a 2018 Slingshot Organizer — selling ‘em is how we pay to publish this paper. We still have copies of the spiral bound version for sale.

If you want to help draw art or otherwise create the 2019 Organizer, contact us now. We include the work of over 30 artists from all over the US and internationally in each organizer — it could be you this year. The schedule this year is:

• Edit and add more historical dates in May and June.

• Update radical contact list in June and July.

• Make art for the calendar starting June 24 with all art due July 22.

• Make the organizer July 28/29.

Once we get returns from stores in February, we’ll be giving away bulk quantities to organizations that distribute them to prisoners, immigrants, homeless people, or others who wouldn’t otherwise have access. Contact us if you want to participate.

The Slingshot Organizer smartphone app has been available for a few months and a handful of people are using it. We need help publicizing it. Tell your friends. Right now it only works on Android phones, not iphones and a number of people have asked for an iphone version, but we don’t have an iphone programmer. If you can make us an iphone version, email Slingshot.

Slingshot is working on a policy regarding either inclusion in or removal from the Organizer of radical historical figures who were racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise bigoted when looked at through today’s standards, but who nonetheless made important contributions to collective liberation in their own day. We have received a number of emails asking us to remove particular people from the organizer and it isn’t always clear what we should do. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know. If you see individuals included in the organizer who you think should be removed, write us about it. We might include your comments in a future issue of the newspaper on this topic.