Seeking nominations for 2008 Wingnut Awards

Slingshot will award its third annual Wingnut Award for Lifetime Achievement at its 20th birthday party on Friday, March 7 at 3124 Shattuck in Berkeley (8 pm). This year, Slingshot will award two prizes: the “East Bay is pig Latin for Beast” East Bay prize, and the Intergalactic Wingnut Citation. Both winners will have their biographies featured in our next issue, and will receive a wingnut trophy and wingnut super-hero outfit. Slingshot created the Wingnut prize to recognize direct action radicals who have dedicated their lives to the struggle for alternatives to the current rotten system. Wingnut is the term some of us use to refer to folks who walk on the wild side of reality — rejecting social, political and economic norms while fighting for a different world. A wingnut is more than just another boring radical, and more than just a nutcase — he or she is a blend of the best parts of both.

We’re looking for nominations for both the East Bay and the Intergalactic prize. An individual has to be currently alive and must have at least 25 years of adult “service” to get the award, so recipients have to be at least 43 years old. Recipients of the East Bay prize have to exist in the East Bay while Intergalactic nominees must exist somewhere in the universe.

Please send your nominations by 5 p.m. on March 1 along with why a particular person should be awarded the wingnut title for 2008 to 3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705 or By the way, we’re serious about this — write to us!