Flywhel Opens in MA

Originating as a collective of local musicians, performers, artists and activists known as the Valley Arts and Music Alliance (VAMA), Flywheel, a new performance / arts space / infoshop, has opened in Easthampton, MA, in Western Massachusetts. The space offers a zine library, a cafĂ©, an art gallery and a performance space open to any and all who wish to use it. The space is volunteer run and generally has events every weekend. Flywheel has been open for almost a year and has hosted well known national and international bands such as Red Monkey, Verses, The Music Tapes, Sarge, Spaceheads, Mick Turner, Hudson Falcons, as well as several other local punk, jazz, folk and indie bands. Besides music, Flywheel has been host to movie screenings of Mumia Abu Jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt, the Fugazi film Instrument, a local filmmaker’s festival and a queer film festival.

Flywheel is a collectively run, not-for-profit space which aims to build community and give artists of all types the opportunity to craft, practice and perform their work in an environment where creativity is valued over profit. Volunteer-run and governed by consensus, Flywheel believes that art and time should be equally accessible and affordable to all people.

Flywheel welcomes all performers and artists to send their materials. Also, Flywheel is currently looking for zine donations. Send any correspondence to:

Holyoke Street

Easthampton, MA 01027

(413) 527-0089