2003 Summer Action Tour

Cascadia Summer • Oregon, N. California, and S. Washington

June – August

Come to Cascadia to protect endangered forests. In the last year, eco-activists have seen a rapid increase in the level of forest destruction on public lands, the erosion of hard-fought legal protections (as inadequate as they were, they were better than nothing), and a rise in the amount of government repression on groups fighting for social and environmental justice. The Cascadia Summer campaign is made up of a diverse group of local conservationists fighting to protect forests, streams, and wildlife. We recognize and value strength in diversity of tactics. During Cascadia Summer, activists will be engaging in a wide range of tactics from civil disobedience, tree-sits, public outreach in urban and rural areas, lawsuits, political pressure, and popular education. Trainings in direct action, non-violence, blockading, legal issues, and much more will be provided. Come out and join us this summer for a few days, a week, or three months to protect Native Forests, Old Growth trees, Salmon, Owls, and Rivers. Contact Cascadia Summer, 1540 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202 www.cascadiasummer.org

FTAA Miami, Anti-Capitalist Consulta • Louisville, KY

June 7-8, 2003

Attend the anti-capitalist consulta to organize resistance to the Free Trade Area of the Americas treaty. This planning meeting will begin preparations for actions against the FTAA ministerial meeting being held in Miami, Florida from November 20-22. Help build a broad based, diverse anti-capitalist response to the ministerial. Within the framework of creative militant action we hope to create new models of resistance that strengthen and revitalize our anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian community. Affinity groups, student groups, community organizations, radical labor organizations, collectives and all others opposed to capitalism and the FTAA are invited. Please pre-register:


Massasauga Earth First! Action Camp • Michigan

June 13-15

A weekend of skill sharing, workshops, and strategy sessions. Contact POB 44173, Detroit, MI 48212 313-410-4155; massasauagaef@yahoo.com

Allied Media Conference • Bowling Green, Ohio

June 13-15

Conference for creators and supporters of independent press, radio, music, TV, web, movies, etc. Contact AMC, PO Box 1225, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 (419) 494-6850; www.alliedmediaprojects.org.

Eastern Forest Defense Camp • Southeast Ohio

June 16-23

Training camp with direct action workshops. www.athenscommons.org/actioncamp

Disrupt the EU Summit • Thessaloniki, Greece

June 20-21

The European Union leaders will meet in order to impose new anti-popular measures to follow up previous reactionary decisions. People from all over will be on hand to disrupt the summit.

Biodevastation Conference • Washington, DC

June 20-22

Gathering to protest the annual convention of the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Contact larcher@foe.org

Stop the World Trade Organization Summit of Ministers of Trade, Agriculture, and Environment • Sacramento, Calif.

June 23-25, 2003

Stop the WTO and the United States’ effort to force genetically engineered food and corporate factory famring on the rest of the world. Mass actions ranging from militant direct action to legal protests, street theatre, public education forums etc. Contact 916-497-1111 www.sacmobilization.org

BikeSummer 2003 • New York City

June 27 – July 26

BikeSummer — an annual tradition — is a month-long festival celebrating the bicycle with educational rides, street theater, classes, art workshops, eco tours, advocacy discussions, music, films, and more. New York City not only boasts one of the best mass transportation systems in the world, but also one of the greatest urban cycling experiences. P.O. Box 249, NY, NY 10002, 212-330-7083 www.bikesummer.org

North American Rainbow Gathering

July 1 – 7

This year to be in the Great Basin states (Utah, Nevada, California). No definite location as of press time — go ask a hippie on the street for directions.


Green Anarchist gathering • Pennsylvania

July 10-13

Gathering with discussion and wilderness skills training. Contact Black & Green, POB 835, Greensburg, PA 15601;


Portland Zine Symposium

August 1-3

Three-day conference and zine social, exploring facets of underground publishing and D.I.Y. culture. PSU college in downtown Portland, Oregon. www.pdxzines.com

San Francisco Zine Fest

August 9-10, 10 AM – 4 PM

Two-day zine event celebrating local small press and out-of-town zine folks. SF location TBA. www.sfzinefest.com

Los Angeles Zine Fiesta

August 16, 12-6 PM

Zine conference and get-together at Plummer Park Community Center, 7377 Santa Monica Boulevard West, Hollywood.


Shut down the WTO Ministerial • Cancun, Mexico

September 10 -15

Join thousands of people in shutting down the WTO’s Fifth Ministerial Summit in Cancún. There is also a call for an International Day of Action with local actions to disrupt commerce around the globe.

New Orleans Book Fair

October 25

Celebrate D.I.Y. and micropress at this gathering in the Big Easy. Barrister’s Gallery, 1724 Orthea Castle Haley Blvd.


2nd Toronto Anarchist Bookfair 2003

October 25-26

Check out the bookfair, with workshops the next day. 519 Church Street Community Centre, in downtown Toronto. Requests for tables at the bookfair and proposals for workshops should be sent in writing to tab2003@ziplip.com by August 1.

Disrupt the FTAA Miami Ministerial Summit • Miami Florida

November 17 – 21

Join thousands of people around the world and from throughout North and South America in shutting down the Free Trade Area of the Americas ministerial meeting in downtown Miami. There may be a Day of Action on November 19 and teach-ins, seminars, reality tours, concerts, forums, rallies and marches all week long. 202 778-3320, 510 663-0888, www.ftaamiami.org