May Day 2000 Around the World

Folks are still getting things organized, so this list will expand and get more detailed . . .

United Kingdom

Massive action in London to celebrate diverse struggles against capitalism, exploitation, and destruction of the planet, preceded by a four-day gathering starting April 28th, including workshops, speakers, discussions, a bookfair, a film festival, Critical Mass, plans for a permanent social center, etc

Manchester and Sheffield are also organizing events.

New York City

May Day parade, including actions and celebration.

San Francisco

Action in downtown against capitalist targets; celebration and a picnic.

Washington, DC

After the city gets shut down on April 16 when the IMF and the World Bank are in town, DC will be ready for a cool May Day celebration including: music, food, speakers, workshops, tables from liberatory organizations, etc.


Marches and unified protest downtown, with actions, shut-downs and anti-capitalist carnival. Possible targets include major corporations, the Board of Trade, maybe the whole city.

New Orleans

Rally and march in Congo Park including an autonomous anarchist section.

Eugene, Oregon

May Day action and celebration.

Gainsville, Florida

Camp-out in the Everglades, labor video festival, parade/dance/cavort event, a speak-out and celebration to be held on pirate radio, and a workday to make puppets and other crafty displays.

Olympia, Washington

May Day celebration.

Phoenix, Arizona

Carnival against capitalism.