Sexy Spring

SEXY SPRING is a three day DIY sex and body positive conference and skillshare in Minneapolis on June 9-11th. Sexy Spring addresses the many ways in which gender, sex, relationships, our bodies and our choices impact our lives. Our goal is to foster understanding and support of diverse experiences and to encourage self-exploration and growth. Sexy Spring includes art, performance, discussion and education created by people from many different communities coming together and sharing knowledge, creativity and strength.

WE ENCOURAGE: A holistic view of sexualiy that values the multiplicity of experiences in areas of communication, art, community-building, performance and political action. We believe that everyone is an expert and has valuable skills to share. Sexy Spring, for you, might look like a discussion on consent, a short play about your kinky relationship, a how-to workshop on making radical porn, or something else we never expected.

POSSIBLE WORKSHOP TOPICS: DIY reproductive and sexual health, polyamory, challenging genders, sexuality and mental health, burlesque, body image, how to be a tran ally, radical monogamy, consent, living with STI’s, radical sex work, resisting and preventing sexual assault, kinky skills and relationships, sex and body positive parenting, disability and sexuality, herbalism, fighting street harassment, queer relationships, cultural sexual histories, sexy foods…

WE NEED YOU to make SEXY SPRING happen. Almost any type of sincere contribution is helpful.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Come to SEXY SPRING, facilitate a worshop, assist with conference organization, perform at the cabaret, show your art, volunteer at the conference as a vibes watcher, provide childcare, distribute flyers, spread the word. Donate time, energy, expertise, money, food, safer sex supplies, office supplies, places to stay, bicycles etc. Host a benefit.

FOR MORE INFO: Check out our website at This site will include information on Sexy Spring events, the program calendar, class descrptions, resource links, etc. There’s also a message board at This is where you can discuss sexy topics with other sexy folks. If you can offer or need: a ride to Minneapolis, a place to stay, childcare, food, a bike, you can negotiate this on the message boards, call or email us. If you have concerns or special needs, let us know as early as possible so we can make arrangements. We encourage folks to preregister on our website, so we can gauge the number of folks coming. We welcome questions, comments and concerns. or 1-800-MY-YAHOO/SEXYSPRING