Rabble calendar – issue #96


February 11 – July 11

The Longest Walk 2 begins from Alcatraz Island, SF, CA to Washington, DC. www.longestwalk.org. (see page 5)

February 16-17

Convergence to Fight the RNC – Pittsburgh, PA.

February 22 – 23

Detroit Conference on Immigration Rights. www.latinoscontralaguerra.org

February 29

Global Leap Day Action Night (see page 3)


March 7 – 9

National Conference on Organized Resistance. American University Washington, D.C. NCOR2008.org

March 8

International Women’s Day

March 9 • 4 pm

Slingshot new volunteer meeting – 3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley

March 13 – 16

Soldier Gathering – Iraq Veterans Against the War- Washington DC. www.ivaw.org

March 19

Protest the occupation of Iraq. Join an action against a government or corporate target, or carry out your own! In Bay Area: (510) 984-2566 takedirectaction@riseup www.bayareadirectaction.wordpress.com

March 22-23

San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair. County Fair Building, 9th & Lincoln in Golden Gate Park. Free.

March 23

Bay Area Anarchist Theory Conference on Anti-Religion. Sponsored by BASTARD (Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory And Research and Development) Location TBA. www.sfbay-anarchists.org


April 1

Fossil fools day. A massive day of action on April 1st calling for an immediate halt to the burning of fossil fuels (see page 6)

April 5-6

BashBack! Radical trans / queer / anarcha-feminist consulta Chicago, IL bashbackchi@riseup.net

April 11-12

International Call to Action for Squats and Autonomous Zones. april2008.squat.net/

April 12 • 3 pm

Slingshot article deadline issue #97

April 25-27

Finding Our Roots Conference-Chicago, IL chicagoanarchisttheory@riseup.net.

April 27

Celebrate People’s Park’s 39th Anniversary. Berkeley, CA (see page 4)


May 1

International Worker’s Day

May 3

PRE-RNC 5.3 Planning Meeting. Minneapolis Minnesota (see page 5)

May 17-18

Montreal Anarchist Book Fair. www.anarchistbookfair.ca