Next Stop – Infoshop

Every year while the Slingshot collective is making the organizer, we call all the infoshops listed in our radical contact list to make sure they are still there and to try to find out about new contacts we should list. These conversations are a particularly amazing and fun part of the whole process — there are so many people in every corner of the planet struggling for common goals: building a world based on freedom, community and ecological sustainability and rejecting the corporate rat race.

The 2010 organizer (available now) has a bunch of new listings and corrections. We always get some info right after we go to press, so that the organizer’s info is obsolete even before it gets published. Here’s what we have so far. For up to date info, check our on-line contact list: Happy trails.

Collective for Arts, Freedom and Ecology (CAFE) – Fresno, CA

An infoshop that hosts shows, Food Not Bombs on Sunday, radical mental health night, self-defense classes, art, and a womyn’s night. Check them out at: 935 F Street Fresno, Ca. 93706, (559) 485-3937,

Peace Nook – Columbia, MO

They are a non-profit bookstore that also features fair trade and organic items with a community meeting space in back. Proceeds support the logal Peaceworks group. 804-C E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201, 573-875-0539.

Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community – Eureka, CA

They have office and meeting space for groups like Redwood Curtain Copwatch . They are now in a new location: “Q Street alley, between 3rd and 2nd Streets. Take 3rd to Q St. heading toward 2nd, take right into the alley and look for the PARC signs on the carport.” Or mail: 1617 3rd Street Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 442-7465, website:,

Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) – South Africa

Slingshot would like to have some radical contacts / infoshop listings in Africa, but at the moment we aren’t aware of any infoshops there. The Zabalaza folks organize some events and although they don’t have a physical address, you can contact them if you’re going to be traveling in Africa. If anyone learns of any physical address we should list, please let us know. Postnet Suite 47, Private Bag X1, Fordsburg, South Africa, 2033, Email:, Phone: 00 27 84 946-4240 (from abroad) 084 946-4240 (locally)

Corrections to the 2010 Slingshot organizer

As soon as we took it to the printing press, we got these changes / corrections:

• The address we printed for the Evergreen Infoshoppe in Olympia, WA is wrong. They are actually at: Sem 1, Room 3151 Olympia, WA 98505, 360-867-6574. Their real / new name is: Sabot Infoshoppe.

• We by mistake listed ACRE (Action for Community in Raleigh) and their address. In fact, they had to shut down after a crackdown from the city. We hope it won’t be a problem that we listed them by mistake – please do not go there looking for a public space.

• Confluence Books in Grand Junction, CO has moved to a new address: 749 Rood Ave Suite (A), Grand Junction, CO 81501. The Confluence Collective House is now the Bad Water Flats Collective and is still at:629 Ouray Ave.Grand Junction, CO 81501

Infoshop Gossip — lips are wagging

Although the Rhizome collective in Austin, TX got evicted from the warehouse space they had occupied for 9 years by City of Austin Code Enforcement officials on March 17, they are still active as an organization. In June, they completed construction on Austin’s first code-approved composting toilet on the 9.8 acre former brownfield they have been working to clean up since 2004 with a $200,000 EPA grant. According to the Rhizome press release, “The toilet is built atop two separate waterproof concrete vaults. When one vault fills up, operation switches to the other side. The human waste is given one year to decompose which guarantees the resultant soil is safe for growing food for human consumption, though fertilizing fruit trees is more common. At the end of the year, the material is tested to verify the absence of fecal organisms. Rhizome Collective co-founder Scott Kellogg and Dr. Lauren Ross of Glenrose Engineering worked with the City for nearly four years to obtain the necessary permit for the construction of this composting toilet. Composting toilets are progressive, innovative resource recovery systems that use no water and safely compost human wastes into a benign and beneficial soil amendment. Cover material, in this case dry sawdust, over each deposit ensures a balanced carbon/nitrogen ratio (c/n ratio) to stimulate the composting process as well as abating smells associated with traditional outhouses and sewer and septic systems. This first step in developing infrastructure on the field opens the doors of possibility for the future use of the space. While the Collective is of course always taking monetary donations, there is now a second way to make a donation, affectionately referred to as #2.” Check out