Can't hack the USA

Dear Slingshot:

I’m in a pretty, secluded, scenic park in Lausanne, Switzerland right now. I’m enjoying all the privilege a white-American male can have here (shoplifting, dumpstering, scamming. . . ) and staying in mansion-type houses that are being squatted. Pretty easy livin’ here, which is partly why I came here many months ago.

In this time I’ve been slowly forgetting about the average, everyday life of the US. While reading the Spring, 1999 issue of Slingshot, it all came back to me like a boot in the head. I just broke down and started bawling my eyes out about the fucked-up conditions the poor and working class have to deal with there. This is not a usual thing I blubber about, for I’m pretty used to reading contents like this, but being away has really softened me up. Actually, I can’t picture myself going back to the friendly-fascist US anytime in the next years, for I’m not strong enough to lvie there anymore, which is a cop-out, I realized, but I must think of sanity first.

And that is why I’m writing this letter–to commend you on continuing the ever so important struggle against the sick, inhumane, capitalist machine known as the US government. This is the best issue of Slingshot I’ve ever read, and it’s always getting better. Thank you so much for putting this paper out. Stay strong, folx, and keep doing what you’re doing

Love, Stuart