2011 Slingshot Organizer – a twinkle in our eyes . . .

Thanks to everyone who bought a 2010 Slingshot Organizer — they pay for this paper to be free all over the place. There are still copies available if you want to buy one. If you’re connected to a group that could help us give some free surplus copies to low-income teens or other folks who are unable to afford one, let us know. Email slingshot@tao.ca.

We’re about to start working on the 2011 Organizer which will be available October 1. Contact us now if you want to help create it — there are many ways to plug in.

• In May and June, we need help editing, correcting and improving the list of historical dates. Deadline for finishing: July 1.

• If you want to design a section of the calendar, let us know or send us random art by July 1. Deadline to finish calendar pages or give us suggestions for 2011 is August 1.

• We need all new radical contact listings and cover art submissions by August 1.

• If you have ideas for the short features we publish in the back, let us know by August 1. We try to print different features every year.

• If you’re in the Bay Area during the first two weeks of August you can help with the final organizer design — all done by hand, which is extra fun. Contact us. We especially need to find some really careful proofreaders in mid-August. We love sharing the Organizer with ya.