Earth First! summer time roadshow

A band of eco-rebels is crossing the US Empire to renew a fighting movement that can stop this industrial nightmare from choking the life out of the earth: the Earth First Roadshow!

The need for resistance in solidarity with the wild has never been louder or clearer than it is today; the roadshow is a tool for growing that resistance. There are countless examples to draw from in the story of radical movements before us: militant labor organizing tours, anti-fascist resistance recruitment and international speaking tours to build cross-border solidarity. The origin of Earth First! itself is credited to a few roadshows that kicked it all off in the early 1980s. We are building on this tradition; akin to a fellowship crossing Middle Earth to amass insurgents to face Mordor head-on.

Where are we going?

If you live in the US, there is a good chance that we will be coming close enough to your home for you to get involved. The roadshow started at the Organizers’ Conference in Arizona and will end at the Round River Rendezvous in Cascadia. The schedule so far looks roughly like this:

May- across the Great Lakes and the Great Plains

June-around the Wild Rockies out to the Pacific Coast

Does your community want to plan a 3-day regional weekend gathering with direct action trainings and sessions on Earth First! history, vision and strategy? Are there pending action plans that we could lend support to en route? The Roadshow will be traveling with a variety of skills, topics and resources, including: forming affinity groups and planning direct action; blockading, climbing and occupations; bioregional news from campaigns and projects around the country; tools for challenging oppression; up-to-date news on resisting the Greenscare; independent and corporate media work; community organizing strategies; and more. A primary goal of the tour is to build the skill-base of our network. If you are looking to have specific areas of interests covered, let us know and we can tailor the stops to meet local/regional desires. We are also looking to travel with an array of art and culture, including musicians, puppet shows, and merchandise (stickers, books, shirts, etc.), to promote the vibrancy and visibility of radical ecological resistance.

List-serves and websites aren’t enough

This Roadshow’s primary intention is to strengthen our radical grassroots ecological network. For almost 30 years, Earth First! has been an organized voice bridging conservation biology with grassroots community organizing, road blockading and eco-sabotage. In the past 5 years we have seen numbers and experience in the EF! movement decline drastically. Yet, our place has never been more urgent. New groups are popping up across the country, but they are detached from many of the groups, history, and skills that came before them. We can’t afford to stumble and make the same mistakes over again.

Now that the reality of climate change is finally sinking into the mainstream consciousness, the same superpowers that push so-called ‘free trade’ policies to exploit wild nature more efficiently are promoting carbon trading in attempt to make a profitable industry out of the disasters they’ve created. The spineless Big Green environmental NGOs are scrambling for crumbs and cutting deals with the industry for shallow public relations victories. Earth First! must rise and recognize that its presence is a strong component of making the broader environmental movement truly effective. As an EF! co-founder, Howie Wolke, has put it, we are the lions of a movement “ecosystem”. Our niche is critical, and its presence (or absence) is felt deeply by our surroundings.

Building a Broader Movement

We need to reconnect to the multi-generational aspect of Earth First! that has fallen by the wayside in recent years. We need to broaden our network’s base–from radical rural grandparents to revolutionary urban youth. We need to re-establish lost relationships with scholars and scientists whose ideas resonate with ours. We need to re-inspire musicians and artists to contribute their passion to our battles. When it comes down to it, solid movements are based on strong personal relationships; and real relationships don’t go very far over the internet. We need face-to-face interaction to build trust with–and support for–each other.

Fight for the Life of the Earth First! Journal

In a time where internet communication is facilitating the end of print media, including many mainstream news outlets, we are challenged to sustain our movement’s basic, primary medium of communication: the printed Earth First! Journal. Doing this means boosting the subscription/distribution base, plain and simple. And the roadshow is a chance to do that across the country. If , or when, the lights go out, we will have the inspiration of photos and stories spanning 3 decades that we can hold in our hands and read out loud to each other by fire light, and pass on to the next generations. We shouldn’t let go of that, no matter how tempting the allure of free online publishing might get. If this publication is lost, it will be a blow to all of our efforts in defense our land, our water, our neighborhoods, the animals, and the entire amazing wild process of life’s evolution on this planet.

To book a stop in Cascadia, please contact

West Coast Schedule

6/13- HQ- 528 Sinclair St, Reno, NV

6/14- Station 40- 3030B 16th Street, SF. 7-10p

6/15- Long Haul Infoshop- 3124 Shattuck, Berkeley, CA

6/16- 6/18- Arcata, CA

6/19- 6/22- Trans & Womyn’s Action Camp

6/23- Eugene, OR

6/24- Evergreen State College- Olympia, WA

6/25- Reed College, Portland, OR

6/26- Astoria, OR

6/27- Red & Black SE 12th & Oak, Portland, OR

6/28- Let Live Conference, PSU, Portland, OR,

6/29- Cascadia Earth First! Round River Rendezvous