Global Infoshop ho-down

Here are some new Infoshops that have formed since we took the 2008 Slingshot organizer to the printer. We compile a huge list of infoshops — generally defined as not-for-profit radical community centers that often feature zines, a library, public internet, etc. — so that if you’re traveling, you can meet radical folks all over. Let us know if you know of any radial spaces we haven’t heard about. You can find a recently updated list of Infoshops and radical spaces around the globe on our website:

In Our Hearts Infoshop & Freegan Bike Workshop – Brooklyn, NY

They just opened a new infoshop and community space in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn. Check them out at 123 Tompkins Ave #1L, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

Firebrand Collective Reading room and Free store – Nashville, TN

Firebrand Collective is seeking to create a community space to host a number of organizations and activities under one roof. They currently run a bunch of projects out of different spaces: a zine and radical literature library, a print co-op, a free school (skill share), free store, performance space, art space, bike repair shop, and Food Not Bombs. You can visit the Sin reading room open 5pm-10pm m-f at 918 Ward Street, Nashville, TN 37207 615-406-2076 or the free store at 1009 Joseph Ave. Nashville, TN 37207. Info at

Edmonton Small Press Assc. Infoshop – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

They are a media activist group that tables, distributes materials, and presents films and visual exhibitions. The infoshop has zines and resources and is open Wednesday from 9am – noon and by appointment. Visit Room #9, 6th Floor, Stanley A. Milner Library #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2V4 Canada, (780) 413-0215 or (780) 434-9236

Emma Goldman Community Space / Anarchist Bookstore – Santiago, Chile

They have a community space and library focused on bringing together people who are interested or involved in the radical transformation of society. They’re open Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat 3-9pm. In Espanol the “Espacio Comunitario y Librería Anarquista Emma Goldman.” Check them out at: Avenida Cumming #453, Santiago, Chile (between calle Catedral y Compañía) .

Changes since we published the 2008 Slingshot Organizer:

• Flywheel Arts Collective in Easthampton, MA has a new address:

43 Main St., Easthampton, MA 01027

• The Redwood Peace and Justice Center in Arcata, Calif. has lost its space and is looking for another one.

• Third Space in Norman, OK is inactive for the moment – they hope to re-emerge some day in the future.

• DIRA in Montreal, Canada no longer has a physical location – they are on-line only.

• We meant to include a list of mail order distributions in the organizer that would have included: Black Cat (P.O. Box 229 Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W0 Canada, and Microcosm (222 S. Rogers St. Bloomington, IN 47404 812-323-7395).

• Oops – someone sent us a postcard saying that the @ Infoshop in Barcelona, Spain was no longer there, but the card got lost under a pile of paper so we mistakenly printed the address in the organizer. Please cross it out.