Color Us Sorry

Hello, I just wanted to write because I am a fan of your organizer and really appreciate the effort that you put into it each year. I went to your website to buy one, but have decided not to because I am very disturbed at your name for the dark blue color, “Bruised Thighs.” As a rape survivor, it brings to mind the memory of that experience and horrifies me that you would name the color without regard for the actions that cause people (particularly women) to have bruised thighs. I really hope that you understand my perspective. I’m not trying to over-react to something that seems so small and meaningless. I’m only trying to point out something that I am not sure has passed your mind yet. Thanks for your continued hard work. Sassy Lee

Slingshot Note: we changed the name on the website as soon as we got this letter.

What Flavor is a Slingshot life saver?

Hey Slingshot Folks, I just started reading the zine and I think it’s great! I also purchased an organizer, which is a lifesaver. What a great idea. Anyways, myself and my friend Linda started setting up shows in Durango, really out of self-interest and it has unexpectedly snowballed into what is now more or less a scene. Pretty insane that a small town like Durango would generate a punk/hardcore scene. Well we kind of see the next step in this little phenomenon as trying to move the scene from simply an alternative culture, a culture that for the most part is just a smaller culture within the dominant capitalist one, into a counterculture — one that challenges the status-quo. We’ve started passing out literature and food (from the newly formed Food Not Bombs chapter) and Slingshot should definitely be part of that. So, in too many words what I’m getting at is could you send a bulk order to us at the lichen house? Beyond shows, we also bring literature to Food Not Bombs gatherings, special events and drop them around town. Thanks! clayton

Slingshot Note: there are now over 250 folks getting free packages of Slingshot for distribution in their towns. Let us know if you would like to get added to the list.