Zine Reviews

Doris #15 The DIY Anti-Depression Guide

This time around Doris is mostly in comic form. There is advice on (duh) dealing with depression. Ideas range from smashing your TV and herbal remedies to masturbation and coffee.

There is also an article on how o deal with urinary tract infections.

Doris is a well written personal zine. I always enjoy reading it.

$1.00 to:


PO Box 1734

Asheville, NC 28802

Complete Control #6

The title of this zine turned me off at first but I needn’t have worried , this is a fine, fine zine. It is part Greg’s personal observations, part history lesson and part analysis of the mess we’re in.

#6 has Greg’s account of Seattle as well as an account by an IWW organizer, the ubiquitous Black Bloc communique, takes if Portland by a guy named Icky, news of jailed anarchist Robert Thaxton and much much more. Send a buck to:

Complete Control

PO Box 5021

Richmond, VA 23220

Cometbus #46

Aaron has been doing this for a long time now but Cometbus always seems fresh. I look forward to reading it and kick myself because I blaze through each one too fast, thus having to wait too long for the next one. The writing is a joy, easy enough to read but full of astute observations of human behavior.

#36 is all about the Dead End CafĂ©, a collectively run joint in an unnamed city. If you’ve ever been in a collective you may recognize some typical behavior.

$2.50 from:


PO Box 4279

Berkeley, CA 94704

Wild Children

This zine just appeared here at the Long Haul one day. I don’t know if it is a one shot or if it will last, I hope the latter. Scott is a good writer and I hope he continues to put stuff out where we can find it.

W.C. starts with an account of learning how to learn, moves to a tale of train hopping and then veers into a nightmarish encounter with the police. There is a lot more in this zine, a dream, a bus ride with a soldier just out of boot camp and more travel stories.

There was no price listed for this so send a buck or two to:


545 Calle del Norte

Camarillo, CA 93010

Insurgent Vol II #8

The Insurgent is out of the University of Oregon. There is lots of local news in here but also a large dose of world news of interest to anarchists. This issue has a round up of May Day actions from all over, an article on prison rape, alonmg with articles on gardens and sustainable living.

Subscriptions are $15 per year:


Erb Memorial Union Suite One

University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403-1228