1999 Summer Gatherings Listing


June 21-28

Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, San Juan Nat’l Forest Spend the week of the Summer Solstice at the Nat’l EF! Gathering. Includes opportunities to help local anti-logging campaign and threatened farming communities. Workshops including Y2K preparedness, getting back to basics and action how-tos. contact Tucson EF! pob 3412 Tucson, AZ 85722 (520)620-1839, EF! Journal for map and more info

July 1-7

National Rainbow Gathering Allegheny Nat’l Forest, PA No money allowed, free food kitchens, trade circles, music, and kind vibes. Not just for hippies, hook up with Allegheny Defense Project while you’re there. (814)764-5763 adp@envirolink.org www.enviroweb.org/adp/.

July 30-Aug 1

Southern Girls Convention Memphis, TN Workshops, performances and booths because the south is a region stifled by religious piety, radical tension, and violence and because women are still expected to be Southern Belles-quiet beauties. We believe a real change comes through a revolution of mind, body and soul. suzukibeane@hotmail.com 787 Ellsworth Memphis, TN 38111

June 25-27

Leonard Peltier Organizing Conference Lawrence, Kansas Workshops and presentations on future actions, legal strategies, support groups, network building, prison issues w/ Pam Africa, Dave Delinger and Jennifer Harbury. contact (785)842-5774 lpdc@idir.net

July 23-Aug 8

Int’l Food Not Bombs Gathering Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


June 28-July 11

Philly Freedom Summer for Mumia Philadelphia, PA contact Int’l Concerned Friends for Mumia Abu-Jamal (215)476-8812


Bike Summer! San Francisco Bike Summer will be a month of celebration and activism featuring bike events every day starting with the July 30 Critical Mass including politics, bike culture, rides, street theater, art, music, films, critical masses and midnight masses. The revolution will not be motorized! (415)431-2453 http://www.bikesummer.org