Critical Resistance

Critical Resistance
Beyond the Prison industrial Complex
University of California, Berkeley
September 25 -27, 1998

Almost two million people are currently locked up in US prisons and jails, the majority of whom are peopleof color. Since 1980 the population of prisoners has tripled and it is expected to double again by 2005. Between 1990 and 1995, 213 new federal and state prison facilities were constructed, representing a 41 percent increase in prison capacity. The growing reliance on imprisonment as a solution to systemic social problems, combined with mounting corporate interests in an expanding punishment industry, has led to the emergence of a late-twentieth century prison industrial complex.

Critical Resistance is a massive effort to rebuild and strengthen our movements for social justice, and to launch an organized campaign to challenge the prison industrial complex both in the US and abroad. It will emphasize productive exchanges between artists, activists, former prisoners, advocates, academics, attorneys, youth, prisoners families, and policy makers. Critical resistance aims to raise awareness and stimulate meaningful action against the expansion of the US prison system. In addition to developing practical strategies and sparking revitalized activism around prisons and prisoners rights, Critical Resistance seeks to make connections between the wide array of issues currently being addressed by various individuals and organizations in order to build a movement that addresses the economic and political ramifications of the current prison crisis.

Registration is free to those attending as individuals. Donations are encouraged. For those with access to funding from universities and other major institutions $75 registration is requested.

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