Police Attack Striking Mexican Students

Police invaded the National Autonomous University of Mexico and arrested more than 700 students on February 7, 2000. University and high school students and faculty have been striking since August 20, 1999, when they occupied all 36 campuses. Protestors had six demands, principally: continued free education and repeal od the Reforms of 1997 that limit the time a student has to complete a degree.

The engineering school wanted to do their part in the struggle so they borrowed a transmitter, bought some equipment and went on the air. On April 28th La Que Huelga was born. With 30 watts they covered southern Mexico City. They organized democratically with as much community participation as possible. After two months the government began to interfere, especially during critical news. Police shut down the radio during the February 7 attack; those found inside the station are still in jail since radios fall under the jurisdiction of the army and operation is a serious crime.

During the occupation, students taught classes, held forums and congresses and lead huge marches of tens of thousands. The students tried to negotiate with the government but the government would not do so in good faith. Mass protests continue in support of the 173 still in jail.