Checklist for collapse

Preparing for Collapse

It’s so “now” to talk about collapse, but whether you are into Mayan astrology or just see the writing on the wall…we are in for some kind of big change. How this change will occur is difficult to predict, yet it seems foolish to not consider it and prepare for possibilities. Here’s a short list of some actions that may help.

1. Consider the world without the basic structures we take for granted. How will we cover our basic needs without the flow of petroleum, electricity, dumpsters? How will we eat, drink, stay warm, travel, communicate, heal ourselves?

2. Recognize and create tribal networks that can collectively work to solve challenges. Practice communicating and working together. Build skills and knowledge. Individuals should specialize in diverse necessary skills, information and tool gathering. Choose something valuable to the community and get good at it.

3. Begin now (years ago!) to grow your own food. Learn how and save your seeds! Compost and build up soil. Liberate land to grow food. Tear up concrete. Mulch grassy areas and replace with food crops. Plant fruit and nut trees! Graft fruiting branches on young “fruitless” varieties of city trees. Plant perennial berry and food plants. Get chickens, ducks, rabbits …

4. Consider where your water comes from. What are your alternatives if the tap stops flowing. Could you drill a well? Is your aquifer toxic? Where are local springs, creeks, lakes? Could you distill salty or polluted water? Can you create living filters? Do you have some stored water to give you time to figure it out?

5. Practice foraging. Know local fruit and nut trees. Gather acorns and learn to process them. Learn the edible weeds and local plants. Eat what is in abundance. Learn to prepare rats, snails, roadkill and insects for food.

6. How will you stay warm and cook your food? What will you use for light? Do you have hand saws, axes, sharpeners?

7. Learn first aid. Gather supplies. Develop healing skills. Learn herbal medicine and local healing plants. Learn basic dentistry.

8. Plan for ways to communicate if Facebook is down. Where will you meet or leave messages for your community locally and farther away in emergencies?

9. Begin transforming now, before the crisis, to learn what you will need. Develop methods that will be sustainable without future unavailable inputs.

10. Hone your spiritual manifestation skills. Follow your heart. Love the earth. Simplify, Simplify , Simplify.