Laboratories of Resistance

Fourth Annual Underground Publishing Conference • Bowling Green, Ohio

June 22-23, 2002

Sharing Our Tools, Refusing the Master’s. A weekend devoted to educating ourselves about reclaiming media resources. Pre-register.

Take the Capital! Two Days of Resistance to Capitalism, Imperialism and the G8 • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

June 26-27, 2002

Oppose the G8 and support of local and regional grassroots social justice efforts. Two days of protest featuring demonstrations, popular education, civil disobedience and direct action targeting the political and economic power of the national (Canadian) capital. Organizer have Òrespect for a diversity of tactics, meaning manifold forms of resistance in mutual solidarity and respect, while aiming to ensure the safety and defense of all participants. Contact: (613) 788 3310,,

Convergence to Oppose The Southern Republican Leadership Conference • Charlotte, North Carolina

June 27-30, 2002

Stop the War at Home and Abroad! Another World Is Possible! The Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC), the second largest gathering of Republicans in the nation, will have its biennial meeting in Charlotte, NC. This year, SRLC organizers hope to have an appearance from President George Bush. For years now, people across the US and the world have gathered to protest at every meeting of the world power elite to demand global justice. This conference should be no exception! Organizers are calling on all people of conscience, people concerned about the standard of living for working people and the poor, people who care about civil liberties and the rights of immigrants, those who care about women, children, and the elderly, those who wish the end civilian casualties in our name, and those who are tired of seeing the people of the world suffer at the hands of U.S. foreign policy. We ask you to join us in Charlotte to say ÒENOUGHÓ! We will join together to declare that another world is possible; a world of peace and equality, a world of true democracy where no one goes hungry and people are put before profit. For more information, contact

Earth First Round River Rendezvous • Gifford Pinochet National Forest Washington State

July 1 – 8, 2002

Annual National EF! Gathering. Workshops, networking, campfires, carousing. $20-25/no one turned away. Contact EF! Journal PO Box 3023, Tucson, AZ 85702.

Rainbow Gathering / Temporary Autonomous Zone • Great Lakes Region

July 1 – 7, 2002

North American Annual Gathering Of The Tribes, somewhere in the Great Lakes (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota) area. Spring Council is June 14-15, so ask a hippie for precise directions after that date. Ignore All Rumors of Cancellation! (Or organization). This year, the feds want to shut it down, threatening blockades, water cutoffs, firepit removals, etc. Its been going strong without money or the state for 30 years. Defend this huge temporary autonomous zone. Contact

Second Annual Portland Zine Symposium • Portland, Oregon

July 12-14, 2002

Conference on zines, underground publishing and DIY culture. Workshops, panel discussions, films, bands, readings, tables. Free admission, housing and food. Portland State University Campus, downtown Portland. Contact PO Box 14332, Portland, OR 97293,

Southern Girls Convention • Athens, Georgia

July 18 – 21, 2002

A meeting of student-age (and all other age!) activists to share ideas, learn new skills, and have fun as a community of Southern women. Discuss women’s empowerment, Southern culture, workshops, a women’s art show, musical entertainment, and tables. On the University of Georgia campus. Info SGC, PO Box 1661 Athens, GA 30603, (706) 543-1846,

Conference of Democratic Workplaces • College Park, Maryland

July 19-21, 2002

ÒSharing the Promise: Economic Democracy at WorkÓ a Eastern conference of worker cooperatives and democratic ESOPs. Foster mutual aid and intercooperation, provide co-op education and training and build the workplace democracy movement. Expensive registration. University of Maryland campus. Contact National Comparative Business Association, 1401 New York Ave.. NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005, 202 383-5450,

Anti-racist, Anti-Border Camp • Strausbourg, French-German border

July 19-28, 2002

From the call for action ÒFreedom of movement has been a central demand in the last few years, when grassroots groups started to organize noborder-camps at different borders of fortress Europe: against the militarized borders around Europe, with their weapons, control technologies and the racist support of many people in the European countries. This is the opposite of our dreams to create a world without borders. We seek to act concretely against the instruments of state control in all their multiplying forms. Strasbourg houses the Schengen Information System (SIS), a central piece of the control machine. This search and control database with tens of thousands of terminals across Europe aims first and foremost at migrants. However it is not only used at border checkpoints, but also serves to extend the state’s control onto every street. The SIS can be instantly consulted to determine whether a person is wanted for deportation or arrest as well as providing other information used to monitor an individual’s movements and activities. The noborder-camp will include a variety of direct actions, from public demonstrations to forms of ‘communication guerrilla’. The camp will give space for a lot of international discussions and workshops and we intend to create a ten-days-laboratory of creative resistance and civil disobedience. The Strasbourg camp expresses our ability to determine our own places and moments of presence, of action and communication.Ó Info:

North American Anarchist Black Cross Conference • Austin, Texas

July 26-28, 2002

The Anarchist Black Cross movement seeks to bring attention to issues related to incarceration, criminalization and the treatment of adults and juveniles in state, private and federal correctional facilities. Goals of this meeting include: to build our solidarity and communications among the various autonomous prisoner support tendencies; to learn together and from one another via our experiences, and educate on the ins and out of prisoner support, freedom campaigns, etc.; to get autonomous anarchist anti-prison groups acquainted and developing an ABC network; and to help people interested in prisoner support work to organize effective ABC groups in their communities. Those affiliated with an autonomous Anarchist Black Cross group, anti-prison group, prisoner support collective or who are active in the movement against prisons, criminalization and incarceration; and those interested in forming an ABC group or in being involved in supporting the movement against prisons and in support of prisoners are welcome to attend. Contact: Austin ABC, PO Box 19733, Austin, TX 78760-9733,

General Assembly Of Funtime Enthusiasts! • Seattle, Washington

Late July, 2002

Mad gathering that cannot be summarized. See article, this issue.

Green Anarchy Tour • North America

July – August, 2002

Mobile Film Fest, Book Exchange, D
irect Action Workshop , Speakers and Punk Rock show touring North America. Check to see when it will be in you area and how you can help out.

Bike Summer • Portland, Oregon

August 1 – 31, 2002

The fourth annual bike summer is a month long celebration of bikes, bike activism and alternatives to car domination. Portland is one of the nation’s most bike friendly cities. Rides, films, forums, events, etc. everyday including full moon ride, women’s ride, midsummer night bike ride, urban design ride, breakfast on the bridges and much more. Write Bike Summer Portland, PO Box 786, Portland OR 97207,

Cascadia Media Alliance Community Media Counter-Conference against the National Association of Broadcasters • Seattle, Washington

September 9-14, 2002

Northwest Regional Community Radio and Low Power FM Summit, with two days of seminars and workshops on community radio and low-power FM; Teach-ins focusing on media literacy education and community accountability in the media. Rally and educational fair in Freeway Park on the literal doorstep of the NAB conference. Subscribe to to participate in planning.

International Protest Against the World Bank and IMF • Washington, DC

October 1-3, 2002

Several days of anti-capitalist protest against the World Bank and IMF. Currently being organized by the Anti-Capitalist Convergence-DC and the Mobilization for Global Justice. Rumors indicate this will be the Big Thing for the fall protest season. Book your airline tickets / hitchhiking / trainhopping now!

Autonomous Media Conference • Tucson, Arizona

October 3-6, 2002

Workshops on pirate radio, DIY Publishing, billboard alteration, starting an Infoshop and graffiti. At the Matt Bevel Institute, 530 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson Contact PO Box 1731 Tucson, AZ 85702, (520) 628-8720,