Get Informed! Get Hooked In!

Beware! The corporate/mainstream media is rife with misinformation, not to mention run by and for the ruling class. To get clued in to various anti-war efforts, contact some of the following organizations/media sources.

RAWA(Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) is a political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for

peace, freedom, democracy and women’s rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan.


760-281-9855 (USA)

0044-870-1394051 (UK)

Arm the Spirit, an autonomist/anti-imperialist info collective out of Toronto

P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A

Toronto, Ont.

M5W 1P7 Canada

American Civil Liberties Union Freedom Network


Global Exchange SF



Grassroots Organizers from the Muslim & Arab Community


National Police Accountability Project Inc. (NPAP)

c/o Center for Constitutional Rights

666 Broadway, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10012

phone: (212) 614-6432

fax: (212) 614-6499


American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee

4201 Connecticut Ave, N.W; Suite 300

Washington, D.C. 20008, USA

phone:(202) 244-2990

telefax:(202) 244-3196


National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom Defending the Constitutional Rights of Political Expression and Association,for Immigrants and Citizens Alike

3321- 12th St, NE, Washington DC 20017

202-529-4225, 202-526-4611-fax

Colours of Resistance

Grassroots network of people who actively work to develop multiracial, anti-racist politics in the movement against global capitalism.

c/o Shakti Women of Colour Collective

QPIRG at McGill

3647 University Street, 3rd Floor

Montréal, QC, H3A 2B3, Canada

Peoples´ Global Action

c/o Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), 377 Bank Street,

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Tech-heads: the following are alternative media web-sites you can consult for news: