Disrupt Shopping as Usual

For a special celebration this Buy Nothing Day . . . STOP THE SHOPPING at the starting gun of the annual ad-fueled buying frenzy of the holiday season.

By disrupting shopping and actually (hopefully) preventing the exchange of money for goods, we hope that shoppers will wonder why all this passion, effort, and creativity were aimed at making their shopping day unsuccessful. Maybe they will think about how they got out of the shop without any purchases-and still survived to enjoy life. Maybe they will think about how they could do without all the hassle of the holiday season. Or, maybe they will think about how much of a pain it is to go shopping nowadays, what with all these pesky anarchist actions going on all the time, and they\’d rather stay in their own neighborhoods and hang out with their loved ones. And if that\’s the case, isn\’t it worth it for us to push them to make these conclusions? We\’d be irresponsible if we did it any other way. Now, get out there and have fun with your friends making this a true buy nothing day. Make it happen at such lovely places as the Gap, Banana Republic, Macys, Nordstroms, the Microsoft Store, etc. For possible ideas, support, and coordination of actions, contact rts_eastbay@yahoo.com, 415 820-9658.