MAIZ – call for submissions

M.A.I.Z. — a collective compromised of Mujeres, Artistas, acitivistas and zine-istas (women of color, artists, acitivsts and zinesters) — seeks to nurture our creativity, highlight social problems and put aside apathy and passiveness so we can fight for social change. Submissions are being accepted for the first issue of The MAIZ Chronicles. If you are a mujer (women of color) and would like to submit to the zine, please do. We would like to publish pieces from unique perspectives by mujeres on issues concerning mujeres and folks of colors — issues that are hardly covered in zines. MAIZ also seeks to organize platicas (talks), art & poetry performances and community outreach.

The MAIZ Chronicles is being edited by Noemi Martinez, who writes the zines Hermana, Resist, South Texas Experience and Homespun and runs C/S Distro. Noemi is a Chicana/Boriqua activist writer & poet, single mama living on the Texas/Mexico border. She works as a VAWA (violence against women act) caseworker, helping undocumented women who have been abused by their US citizen or legal permanent resident spouse attain their working permit and legal status. Contact