LAPD Scandal Nothing New

As people who read the front pages of the corporate media may know, a \”scandal\” engulfing the Los Angeles Police\’s Ramparts Division and spilling over into other parts of the department has shown officers to lie, plant evidence, beat and even kill innocent people. This is not a scandal. This is normal police activity.

Interestingly, the wider the investigation spreads, the more police abuse and corruption it uncovers. Heads of the department are busy trying to contain and rationalize it by coming up with excuses such as the department has grown too quickly recently, or that officers have been overzealous in their desire to stamp out gangs and drugs.

In reality, the investigation could and should grow to include every police department in the country, if not the world, because such \”misconduct\” is really routine operating procedure for police. It is not a few bad apples or an isolated case of administrative oversight. Every cop, every cop brass, and anyone who truly knows the workings of the police knows this to be true. It is only the \’blue code of silence\’ that ever keeps it from becoming more widely known.

Let a thousand investigations bloom!