a15 – Leap Day Action Night Poster available

February 29, 2020 is Leap Day — an extra day waiting to be transformed into an inspirational rebellion against dreary business as usual. Since 2000, Leap Day has featured decentralized scattered spontaneous gatherings and disruptions. Every other day, the wheels of global industrial capitalism spin around, running over our freedom and the earth in the process. But Leap Day can be different.

Leaping is an uplifting, explosive, hopeful action. Put down this paper and try it right now — you’ll feel different and maybe better. Leaping can move you from an isolated, inconvenient spot surrounded by mud to the next spot of dry ground. When you leap, you leave the ground and fly free into the unknown.

Far too much of our energy goes into jobs, obligations, expectations, routine, drudgery. Even most protests are tired and ritualistic — focused on being against something — inherently reactionary, not proactive. They allow our rulers to set the agenda, and then we predictably turn out — the best that can be achieved is the status quo. You cannot build a new society by just being against something, or even against everything.

So Leap Day is an opportunity — a totally arbitrary day — and thus it puts the onus on us to be realistic by demanding the impossible.

You don’t need permission to observe Leap Day — there is no organization, no structure, no email list! There is no success or failure.

Slingshot has 17 X 22 glossy Leap Day Action Night posters we can send you if you want to pull together something for Leap Day. The world is beautiful – other people are beautiful. Take time to tell those around you that you love them. Leap for it! Leapdayaction.org