a13 – Many hands makes the work light

hoping you find at least one thought provoking sentence in every issue! Slingshot loves it the slow way, loves to do the hand job: writing, drawing, cutting, waxing, rolling, folding, putting the slingshots in envelopes, taking it to the post office on bike trailers…

We’re enjoying the collective(‘s) time together sharing our ideas, crazy thoughts and big questions while working together till the pages are all done and ready for the printer. That’s why we spend little time in front of the screen, that’s why it’s so hard to find us on the ‘other end’ of the screen: on your smartphone, tablet or computer, on social media…we started publishing in 1988, before the first website existed. Some of us think that computers and the internet won’t exist forever and we don’t want to lose our skills, want to stay independent from the system(s).

As a collective we still want to spend as little time as possible attached to the flickering box, and we’re also not good at it (guess why!). But we acknowledge that some of you are and you might even like it! Besides those of you that we meet on the streets (here is our limitation mainly to the Bay Area) we would love to reach as many active people as you out there in all possible ways into the farthest corners of the globe. Please help us! Please share the sentence, the article you like with your friends! Please make us more visible on the internet by posting a link in whatever computer platform you favor!

Every Slingshot issue you’ll find online at our websites slingshot.tao.ca or slingshotcollective.org – you can even dig deep down in our archive. Which social media (fb: slingshot collective; twitter: #slingshotnews) seems secure enough for you to chat with us, start a discussion, we would love that. …and if you want to retreat to our slow way we’re extremely happy to meet you in person in Berkeley at the Long Haul Infoshop!