a13 – 7 questions

By Jesse

One of the great things about the East Bay is how people make DIY art installations, mutual aid stations and other public offerings that defy categorization. One of my favorites is a house near Long Haul that periodically posts 7 thought provoking questions with a paper and pencils for anyone who is walking by to write an answer. They call themselves the Street Words Project but it is just pinned to the side of the house. Here’s the current 7:

1. What aspect of life confuses you the most?

2. What is the most difficult part of your day, usually?

3. What’s something that hangs you up again and again with another person?

4. Name one thing, big or small, that has changed for the better recently?

5. What if something really great for all of us is about to be invented and surprise us all – what might it be?

6. What person did you the most good this week, and how?

7. How will you connect with another human today?