a10 – Invitation to enter the Slingshot reality

If you want to draw for the 2022 Slingshot Organizer, contact us now. Slingshot includes art from dozens of people from all over the world — please be one of us. Email by April 20 — pages are due May 28.

Anyone can suggest, help edit, verify and proofread historical dates in March and April. (You can do so remotely.) We also need corrections and suggestions of new radical contact list spaces by May 29.

 Slingshot volunteers will put the organizer together by hand May 29/30 and June 5/6 in Berkeley. Please drop by and join us if you’re in town.

There are still copies of the pocket size 2021 Slingshot organizer available; the spiral size are all gone. Selling the organizer enables Slingshot to print and distribute this newspaper for free. So if you like what you’re reading, please buy the organizer for yourself and as gifts. If you know of a store in your area that might be able to carry the organizer let us know. 

If your organization can help distribute unsold copies of the pocket size organizer for free to youth, immigrants, or others who wouldn’t otherwise have access, please let us know how many copies you can handle.