Vehicles for Social Chnage

Portland Anarchist Black Cross’ Community Transport Project

The Anarchist Black Cross seeks to bring attention to the plight of all prisoners and to inspire an Anarchist resistance and support movement on the outside. We fund-raise on behalf of prisoners or defense committees in need of funds for legal cases or otherwise, and organize demonstrations of solidarity with imprisoned Anarchists and other prisoners.

What could bring Socialists, Anarchists, Feminists, and Marxists together? A collaborative project developed by the Anarchist Black Cross in Portland (ABC-PDX) called the Community Transportation Project.

The program addresses the dilemma of prisoners from urban areas who are serving their time in prisons located in far-away rural areas. If an inmate’s family or support persons can’t afford a car, they have to ride a bus for hours and then take a cab to the prison, which are rarely served by city bus routes. This in itself is financially problematic for many people; families who labor under economic challenges find visiting nearly impossible on a regular basis. Prisoners who cannot maintain a connection with their family and community are more likely to be sent back to prison after they’re released.

The project is designed to encourage frequent visits to prisons by families and support people by providing transportation at little or no cost. In doing so, ABC-PDX believes that prisoners who wish to stay tied into their community can. “We also aim to be a vehicle of advocacy for family and friends who often feel confused and disempowered or fear that questioning the authorities will harm their incarcerated loved one. More importantly, we bring families and concerned individuals together to talk about problems they encounter. It is from these conversations that solutions are designed and implemented by those affected,” says a volunteer for the project.

To find out more about the Community Transportation Project and how you can help please contact: ABC NET-PDX at: (503)449-8287, abcpdx@yahoo.comPO Box 4392 Portland, OR 97208-4392.