N30 International Reports

Manilla,Bacolod and Iloilo Phillipines
Some 8,000 people protested in front of the US mbassy chanting anti-WTO slogans. Thousands also protested against the 1995 Mining Act which allows 100 percent foreign equity in local projects but has been challenged by tribespeople who say natural resources are their heritage and should not be exploited by overseas companies

Euston Station UK
A rally of nearly 2,000 gathered at Euston Station to highlight the links between free trade and privatization of transportation. The rally later turned into a more militant protest when about 500 people tried to block the main traffic artery. An unmarked police van was set on fire.

Halifax UK
A Nestle factory was occupied and a banner displayed outside. 16 were arrested.

Leeds UK
In the Leeds city center, around 50 protestors were faced by over 300 cops. In the face of these great odds, people stuck around handing out leaflets outside scummy companies.

Manchester UK
Lloyds Bank was occupied by 50 activists who then proceeded to block the street outside.


75,000 people in 80 different cities in France protested the dictatorship of the WTO. On November 25, 5,000 French farmers with their sheep, ducks, and goats, feasted on regional products under the Eiffel tower in protest of the impact of trade liberalization. 800 miners clashed with cops ransacking a tax office.

Geneva, Switzerland
27 people aided by many outside who were blocking traffic, occupied WTO headquarters. One group, posing as \”visitors\” occupied the stairs leading to Michael Moore\’s office with a banner reading \”No Commerce, No Organization: Self Management\”.

Protestors clashed with riot police throughout the day and night at demonstrations outside the US embassy. The protests were about a wide variety of issues including world trade.

Brisbane, Australia
Activists protested outside the stock exchange

Milan, Italy

A group of \”white Coveralls\” occupied a McDonalds in Milan, locking themselves to the building fa├žade, hanging enormous banners, denouncing neo-liberalism and its effects, and distributing flyers to the amused passers by. A squatter band provided music.

New Dehli, India
A group, including writer Arundhati Roy, went to the US embassy to deliver more than 11,000 postcards protesting a dam in Maheshwar. They were arrested and held for 2 hours because of a regulation saying 10 people were too many to enter the embassy.

Other protests November 30 against the WTO, the US and global capitalism were conducted in: Iceland, Prague, Limerick, Ireland, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Padua, Italy, Cardiff, Wales, Bangor, Wales, Totnes, UK, and San Francisco