June 18, 1999: International Protest Against Corporate Domination

People around the world are currently organizing what may become the largest international protest ever against economic globalization, the process by which corporations are forming an international dictatorship of commerce that supersedes the interests of workers, the environment and freedom.

On Friday, June 18, 1999, people on every continent will simultaneously take the struggle against corporate domination to the heart of global economy: the financial districts, stock markets, banking centers and offices of multinational corporations. Now is the time to get involved in this international effort by organizing a protest in your community or joining ongoing efforts.

In many cities including San Francisco, the protest will include a march, critical mass bike ride, street party, and other creative tactics, highlighting the growing links between anti-globalization activists, environmentalists, labor activists, cyclists and everyone interested in self-determination, democracy and people over profits. Contact San Francisco Reclaim the Streets at 415 820-3226 to get involved in organizing the event. SF RTS is hoping to work with dozens of local organizations, artists and musicians on the event. Ideas, proposals and energy are very welcome.

The June 18 event is set to coincide with the international meeting of the G8, the leaders of the eight most economically powerful countries in the world, who are meeting between June 18 and 20 in Koln, Germany. The global protest has been proposed by London Reclaim the Streets and other British groups. London RTS organizes street parties to fight the domination of cities by the car and corporate commerce, and last year called for a global protest which ultimately featured simultaneous events in 30 cities in 20 countries.

Groups currently discussing the June 18 international protest include the Karnataka State Farmers in India, the Rainbow Keepers in the ex-Soviet states, Process de Communidades Negras in Columbia, Friends of the Earth in Uruguay, CTERA, the Argentinean teachers Union, RTS groups in the Czech republic and Australia, the El Salvadoran textile workers union COMUTRAS, peasant movements in Mozambique and various European organizations.

How To Get Involved.

Contact the international June 18 discussion list by writing to J18/RTS, PO Box 9656, London N4 4JY, England or by e-mailing listproc@gn.apc.org with the message “subscribe J18discussion [your name].” Or try USJ18 coalition- ban@tao.ca.

Or contact San Francisco RTS at 415 820-3226 to get involved in organizing local June 18 actions or for information about organizing a June 18 action anywhere else in North America. SF RTS is looking for more members and energy, so call and volunteer. SF RTS is especially seeking people involved in the labor movement, corporate accountability movement, environmental movement, anti-globalization movement, and folks in the rave scene who have knowledge about/access to sound systems for a proper street party. After some more time for discussion, a time and meeting place for the San Francisco event will hopefully be announced in April on the voice mail.

An inspirational video about the RTS movement in England is available from SF RTS and is being screened around the Bay Area (including on public access TV) to generate interest around the June 18 event. See it on April 9, 8:30 at 3124 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley.

Hopefully, people everywhere will come out of the woodwork to organize protests in their own communities. Every place on earth is being effected by the global economy and every place on earth has some local representative of corporate power which can be a target.