Anarchist Crush Night 2003

For Artistic purposes only – do not try this at home!

Come to the Long Haul’s Second annual Anarchist Crush Night on Valentine’s Day 2003! There will be sexy party games, music, and food plus our exclusive matching service which allows you to anonymously see if that certain crusty someone might like you too. The first Crush Night last year took a few days to recover from, after horny party-goers smeared all our free lube on each other in an outrageous display of . . . what was that all about again? At least one couple who hooked up last year is still together, and they both even work in the Slingshot Collective!!! Please keep in mind that you must work out your polyamory issues before Crush Night. Better get to work on that right now! The party will start at Long Haul, 3124 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley right after Critical Mass (about 8 p.m.).