Zine Reviews

Working Class First! By Jacob Pugh

Clydeside press

37 High Street

Glasgow G1 1LX


Focused, as the title suggests, on the working class in Britain. The scope is a pretty standard leftist analysis of how the working class should keep what it earns from production and not let the managerial/owner classes reap the profits. OK as far as it goes but isn\’t it time to get beyond the work centered, take over the factory, technology is ok as long as everyone has it leftism? Not that the author is trying to be anything but leftist. In the conclusion he says two contradictory things. First \”The struggle for working class affluence should be at the centre of left-wing struggle\”. And then, \”Our world of affluence and consumption offers on the surface a life of pleasure and contentment. In reality it creates only fear, insecurity and toil\”.

Doris #16

POB 1734

Ashville, NC 28802


Cindy is back again with another great issue mixing the political and the personal. Stories about what is like being a girl/woman in these times and other hellish times too. Tales of hanging with friends and life. Always a good read!

I Defy #9

Casey Boland

614 S. 48th ST Apt. 2R

Philadelphia, PA 19143

No price on it, send a buck or two.

Casey can write, that\’s for sure. It is a pleasure to read such a well written zine. Pieces on job hunting, living in Philly, actually having a job and power and violence. The piece on body image was great and goes to show that hating one\’s body is not for women only.

Kerbloom #26

PMB 553

5337 College Av.

Oakland, CA 94618

$20.00 a year

Artnoose does a great zine. Hand done on letterpress in batches of 250. Always cool stories from Artnoose\’s\’ life. This issue is about a trip to New York. The cover is silk-screened on fabric. Way cool!


Vol.1 #1 & #2

PO Box 2671

Gainsville, FL 32602-2671

$1.00 each

This is a well put together paper. Issue one has articles on Philly, Iraq sanctions, Shaka Sankofa and a history of the Black Liberation Army. Issue two has stuff on Prague, Yugoslavia, the Zapatistas and Mujeres Libres. Both issues focus on political prisoners and prisoners of war. There are a few problems, though. While supporting all prisoners is a good thing and supporting political prisoners is great, in a paper that calls itself anarchist they should rethink the weight they give to ABCF (Anarchist Black Cross Federation). There don\’t seem to be any anarchist prisoners ABCF supports. A letter in issue two from Robert Thaxton states clearly why @s should question support of ABCF. (Support the prisoners by all means!)

The Black Clad Messenger #13


PO Box 11331

Eugene, OR 97440

BCM Rocks! Those Eugene anarchists know how to put together an anarchist paper. Articles on Free and Critter, S26 in Prague and elsewhere, other direct action news and sustainable mini-farming. It also came with the newsletter of the Northwest Anarchist Prisoner support Network. Check it out.

Green Anarchy #3

PO Box 11331

Eugene, OR 97440

Another great paper out of Eugene. Articles on Prague, Melbourne, news of anti-GE actions and prisoner support info. Plus lots more.

Disorderly Conduct

Anarchist Action Collective

PO Box 11331

Eugene, OR 97440

A cool zine that covers a lot of ground. Some of this was at the NAAC as single sheets. It is nice to see it all together. There is some history of May Day and the Paris commune, an intro to primitive anarchy and guerrilla gardening. Also,, a good piece on how to adopt a security culture so as to minimize police infiltration and a whole lot more.

Clamor #5

Become the media

PO Box 1225

Bowling Green, OH 43402

Six issues $18.00

This is a cool new zine that looks like a glossy magazine. OK, it is glossy but don\’t let that deter you. They print articles form a lot of different folks so there are many points of view here. Articles on traveling in Africa and Zagreb, Attica, the RNC in Philly and the DNC in LA. Much Much more.