Cops Arrest Clowns

Clowns were arrested, bicycles and circus gear impounded, and a community house raided in St. Louis during the Biodevastation 7 counter-conference to the Monsanto-sponsored World Agricultural Forum promoting genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Nine Flying Rutabaga Circus members, riding to the conference to announce their Caravan Across the Cornbelt anti-GMO bike tour to Washington, DC, were all arrested. Fifteen others were grabbed in a simultaneous raid on the house hosting the bike circus. On the news, police laid out a table full of “weapons-in-progress” obtained in the raid, such as roofing nails, newspaper juggling pins, a whip, circus gear for fire twirling, and a poorly assembled napkin tucked into a bottle. Homeland Security has their priorities straight, alright. Contact St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa at 314-444-5624 and tell him to give the clowns back their bikes!