Biscuit Salvage Logging: Activists Stand up to Recovery Plan

The month of March saw an amazing amount of direct action/civil disobedience events in retaliation against the implementation of the aggregious Biscuit Salvage Logging “recovery” plan. This is a complex of many timber sales comprising almost 20,000 acres slated for destruction, or 372 million board feet. Although 95% of the 23,000 comments posted on the sale were against the logging scheme, the forest service proceeded to release the sales, flying in the face of public opinion and fueling a controversy that increases to this day.

Resistance to the destruction of these wild places in the Siskiyou Mtns. has crystallized in March, with nearly 50 arrests occuring in acts of civil disobedience that included 4 technical blockades of eight dollar mountain road (leading to the fiddler timber sale, in land legally designated as an old growth reserve), and the erection of a giant tripod in the streets of portland that blocked traffic in front of the forest service office for nearly 2 hours. These actions build off the resistance generated last summer that included a rope blockade in the Indi timber sale, a tripod blockade halting operations in the Horse sale, and a rowdy costumed rally at the yearly Society of American Foresters meeting where potbanging locals clashed with USFS law enforcement and proceeded to chase US Undersecretary of Agriculture Mark Rey out of town!

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