Mynstrual Mistake and Other Slingshot Organizer Notes

Thanks to you if you bought a 2013 Slingshot organizer – selling them funds this paper and other radical projects! We still have a few copies available if you want to buy one or make a wholesale order. This year the binder made about 1,000 slightly defective pocket sized ones, so if you have ideas of ways to give free surplus copies to low-income teens or other folks who are unable to afford one, let us know. Email 

We spotted two big errors in the organizer so far:

(1) In the spiral version only, on the 3rd page of the organizer that has a full year calendar for 2013 and 2014, the title at the top says “2013” over the 2014 calendar and “2014” over the 2013 calendar. Please correct it in your copy and tell your friends.

(2) In both versions the menstrual calendar is missing some numbers towards the end of each month. The calendar still works, i.e. the order is correct – you just have to hand-write in the last few numbers for each month. Below is a corrected version that you can paste into your organizer to fix the problem. This is also on our website so tell a friend.

Believe it or not we do have a big group of proofreaders each year, but sometimes errors creep through, even though when the proofreaders finished this year, they left so many sticky notes on the layout sheets that it looked like the organizer had chickenpox.

The award for the most creative use of the organizer goes to Diane of the Origami Resource Center. She made amazing book sculptures out of a box of surplus 2012 organizers and you can see photographs on their website.

Six months ago we agreed to create an organizer “app” for the iphone and other smart phones, but we still haven’t found a programmer who can turn our ideas into reality. If you know how to program smart phone applications, let us know. We can pay the right person to do this work. Let us know if you have specific suggestions for what you would like to see in an app.

We will continue making paper versions of the organizer, too, until someone pries the scissors and pens from our cold, dead hands.

Let us know if you want to help create the 2014 organizer. We’ll work on editing the radical historical dates in May and June, do the artwork for the calendar in July, and put the whole thing together over two hectic weekends August 3 & 4 and 10 & 11. If you want to design a section of the calendar or send us historical dates, let us know by June 22. Send us information for the radical contact list, cover art or features for the back by August 3.