Infoshop Update

Alternative Press Center – Baltimore

The APC has “a really cool library full of leftist publications, and we publish a quarterly reference guide to independent media, the Alternative Press Index” according to Caroline. Visit them at 1446 Gorsuch Avenue, Baltimore MD 21218, 410-243-2471.

The Planet Infoshop – Ann Arbor, MI

They just opened and feature sweatshop-free clothes, books, CDs, free internet, zines, etc. They also feature and promote local artists and musicians. They’re open Monday- Saturday 10-10 and Sunday 12-8. 1112 1/2 S. University, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, 734-994-4545.

The Third Space – Norman, Oklahoma

Finally, a social space, safe place, and organizing venue for anarchists, radicals and other activists in central Oklahoma! They feature over 800 books: radical, revolutionary, and progressive social theory, philosophy, history, race, class and gender studies, art, literature and DIY manuals/guides. They have a collection of over one thousand zines & periodicals, as well as a small collection of audio and video material. Plus a public internet terminal. Open Sat/Sun 1-5 pm and Tues. 7-11 pm. Just a block from the University of Oklahoma—look for the rainbow flag! Drop in at 813 College Ave A, Norman, OK 73069, 405-307-8594.

Reflections Mirror-Image Bookstore – Portland, OR

This re-opened Afrocentric and community-oriented space is now hosting Books to Oregon Prisoners (BtOP) which sends new, publisher-donated books to prisoners. Drop by to browse the catalog and place an order on behalf of an imprisoned friend or to help out with mailing. 330 North Killingsworth, Portland, 503-288-9003.

Aboveground Zine Library, New Orleans

They have moved and now are located at the Iron Rail bookstore—511 Marigny St. (@ Decatur St.) in New Orleans. Open from 1-7pm everyday. Zine donations are always welcome; mail them to: Aboveground Zine Library, 6810 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans, LA 70124, 504-944-0366.

Manila-Infoshop Projekt – Philippines

After having a space that got evicted in 2002, activists in the Philippines are raising funds and gathering materials (literature, videos, audio) to create an Infoshop. “The aim of Manila Infoshop Projekt is to create a space that would cater to the needs of various kolektives/autonomous groups and individuals. In our experience of surviving in span of almost 4 years, we kept on doing activities and actions without much documentation because most of the times we lack the resources (camera/film). Instead we tried our best to release statements and create some banners, streamers and flags that are usually recycled. We would like to have a space where we may conduct meetings, workshops, indoor activities, propaganda making, Food Not Bombs kitchen, library, etc.” They’re trying to raise $600 to pay for house rental (4 months), make bookshelves and buy second hand computers. You can send them money or printed materials. To contact them, visit:, manila.indymedia. org,

MORE mistakes and corrections from the 2005 Organizer!

• The Asheville Community Resource Center address is wrong —they still exist but they no long have a physical space. The mailing address is correct.

• The address listed for the Madison community coop (Wisconsin) is wrong – the correct address is 1202 Williamson St. Suite C Madison, WI 53703. The phone # listed is correct, however.

• The phone # for the Kresge coop in Santa Cruz, Calif is wrong by 1 number – the correct # is 831-425-1506.