Picket Cody's and Sit-In on Telegraph

Sunday, December 13 1-2 pm

The latest post-election crackdown on Telegraph Avenue has resulted in up to 150 arrests, endless police harassment, and a new round of anti-poor laws to drive people out of the area. Telegraph merchants seem to thing they own the sidewalks and the streets and that public space is only for those who come to shop.

“We want street punks to stop feeling that it’s cool to hang out on Telegraph Avenue,” Cody’s owner, Andy Ross, told the Daily Cal in February. Andy Ross has consistently been one of the leading proponents of a kind of middle-class sanitation of the area.

The latest November round-up basically saw the Berkeley police come up with anything they could to arrest people and clear the sidewalk between Haste and Dwight. Over half the arrests were for marijuana sales, despite the fact that the 1979 Berkeley marijuana ordinance clearly states that the police department make “no arrests and issue no citations for violations of marijuana laws.”

Please support human rights in Berkeley and opposed the dictatorship of exchange by joining these events: PICKET Cody’s with us. Bring a sign.

SIT-IN on the sidewalk between Haste and Dwight from 1-2 pm.