Coming soon – 2011 organizer – get set, draw!

Thanks to everyone who bought a 2010 Slingshot Organizer — their sales pay to print this paper and for other radical media projects. If you still want one, we still have a few in stock — check our website for a list of places that distribute them. If you want to order more than 40 copies (wholesale) you can order directly from us.

We’ve appreciated hearing from everyone who has written us to let us know about various errors, and also with many kinds words. We’re already thinking about the 2011 Organizer. If you have ideas about things that we should include, contact us now. We’re in search of radical historical dates, radical contact listings, feature ideas / articles, doodles and graphics for the calendar, etc. In particular, we are seeking cover artwork — every year it is a huge, often last minute, struggle to find cover art. If you think you could draw better cover art that we have, you may be right — stop talking and start drawing! (Please note that sending us a link to your web page that features a whole bunch of images is not all that helpful. If you want to send us art, that means you should pick a particular image and say “Here, how about this this.”)

A common comment we hear is, “Why didn’t you print a particular date in this year’s Organizer — does that mean you don’t care about [fill in the blank].” Over the years we’ve accumulated a huge list of historical dates for each day – about 10-20 per day. We thus don’t have room to print each date each year. To keep each year’s edition fresh, we like to print different dates (and informational features) each year so the organizer isn’t precisely the same year after year. The individual artists who design the calendar pages get to decide which 3-4 dates (out of 10-20) to pick, so their decicions don’t necessarily reflect all of our opinions in the collective about what is important. If we missed a date in a particular edition, it is nothing personal to your or anyone else — chances are we printed it the previous year or we’ll print it next year. Feel free to let us know about dates you don’t think we have.

We’ll start work on the 2011 organizer in June, with most of the work happening the first two weeks in August. The deadline for radical historical dates is June 1. We’re going to edit and improve the historical dates all month. The dealine for art for the inside of the calendar is July 1. The deadline for cover art, features, radical contact listings and all other submissions is August 1.

If you are in the bay area during the first two weeks in August and want to work on the organizer — even if you have no publication experience — join us for the fun! Contact us — many hands make light work and we like to incorporate new energy into the project. We’ll have the organizer back from the binder on October 1, 2010.