Theme Cars: A new vision for BART

BART has stupid rules. $200 fines for eating on a BART train? They should fucking have dining cars on BART, complete with singing waiters. Hell, they should have the theme cars on BART. A three car singles train to Daly City will be approaching in 2 minutes. Now approaching, a seven car chakra train, enter the red one at your own risk.

The smoking car would simply be a flat. bed, open air car (no smoking in the transbay tube). There could be all sorts of different musical themes, folk music cars, rap cars, thrasher cars. Imagine slam dancing your way to and from work. Each car could be painted in its own unique way, so you could choose which marker,to stand on in the station.

Maybe a car complete with gospel choir and preacher. It sure would make the idea of one taking one of those ‘excursion fare make more sense. How about a bunch of bike-only cars, – where you are scoffed at if You don’t have a bike, and where in place of seats they have bike stands where you can sit on your bike. Maybe even an exercise train, where people would be able to walk on treadmills and hike on stairmasters while commuting.

Just think, instead of taking BART to a social activity, it would be a social activity all On its Own. But we have regular old sanitized BART cars. No cubicles but there may as well be. BART should be spending money on theme cars, rather than tenting ivy to beautify their parking lots.