1999 Primate Freedom Tour

The 1999 Primate Freedom tour is a three month caravan across the United States against primate experimentation. Stopping at the seven regional primate research centers in addition to a variety of other primate research facilities, the 1999 tour will consist of educational activities including teach-ins, protests, vigils, and more.

The tour will stop at the California Regional Primate Research Center at Davis, Calif. June 11-14, in Beaverton, Oregon June 6-9, in Seattle June 1-4, and across the us at Mesa, Az, San Antonio, TX, Mobile, AL, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Madison, WI, Ann Arbor, MI, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Bethesda, among other places.

Your involvement is crucial for the tour to reach its full potential You can order materials from the address below and distribute them in your community.

If you live in an area where the Primate Freedom Tour will be stopping, contact the Coalition to End Primate Experimentation to connect with others in your area. The tour is also seeking donations of camping equipment, vegan food, buses, vans, cars, laptop computers, performers, musicians and artists.

The tour is also looking for fund-raising help.

To get involved, contact CEPE at PO Box
34293, Washington, DC 20043, 888-391-8948,